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Welcome to the CDXZipStream January 2012 Newsletter


This month we will be reviewing the upcoming release of a 64-bit version, how to update your data files for the new year, and how to handle the situation where an address is not found in MapPoint.  There are also two new blog articles from the past month: 


  - Area Analysis with CDXZipStream

  - The CDXZipStream Licensing Agreement Allows Installation on Multiple Computers

Update Your Data for the New Year

With the start of the new year, now is the perfect time to get a data update for your version of CDXZipStream, to ensure you are using the most recent demographics, census, and zip code information available.  Our data updates are very reasonable priced, with one-time updates ranging from $9.95 to $29.95.  One year subscription updates, provided monthly, are also available at a substantial 67% discount, with this pricing good for up to 5 user licenses.


To obtain a data update or subscription, click on the "License Information and Software Updates" icon on the CDXZipStream toolbar, and select "Data Updates".  Login to your account using the user name and password provided by email at time of purchase. (If you've forgotten your user name or password, please contact us at  You will then be immediately forwarded to a web page listing the update options available for your version of CDXZipStream.  After selecting the update you desire and entering purchase information, you will be able to download and install the new data file.  For subscription plans, a permanent link to the latest data file will be placed in the "Download Data Files" section of your account, which can be accessed over the next year. 

Also, note that CDXZipStream functions related to driving and mapping use information from Microsoft MapPoint, and are only as good as the MapPoint version installed on your computer. If you wish to purchase the most recent MapPoint North America version, the reputable reseller MP2K Magazine provides very competitive pricing.

64 Bit Excel LogoThe 64-Bit Question ....


More and more computer users are taking advantage of the improved number-crunching capability, memory, and security that 64-bit computer architecture provides.  In fact, many PCs nowadays have 64-bit processors by default.  Is CDXZipStream compatible with 64-bit?


The answer right now is yes and no.  CDXZipStream currently must be run with 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office or Excel.  However, if you have a 64-bit Windows operating system you can install 32-bit Office 2010* and CDXZipStream will be fully operational.  Complicating things is that Microsoft MapPoint, which CDXZipStream uses for driving and routing calculations, is only available in 32-bit, and is not backwards compatible with 64-bit Windows XP.


We will be issuing a 64-bit CDXZipStream later this year, and will let you know in this newsletter when it will be available.  If you would like to have us email you directly when the new version is released, please contact us at  


* Both 32 and 64-bit versions are provided with purchase of Office 2010, but since almost all add-ins, including those from Microsoft, are currently 32-bit, Microsoft has made 32-bit Office the default installation. 

What to Do if MapPoint Can't Find Your Address


Microsoft MapPoint is an excellent bang-for-buck source of mapping and routing data, but there will be instances where a legitimate address may not be included in its database.  Particularly since MapPoint is updated (approximately) annually, it may not include new construction or recent name changes.  What are your options in this case?


When MapPoint returns "Address is ambiguous or invalid" there are a couple of easy fixes you can try.  Assuming that the address is properly formatted and contains no typos, you can enter a nearby known address that will provide a similar result.  Just open your version of MapPoint directly, enter the town or city of interest, and click on the approximate area of the map where the address is located.  MapPoint will provide a pop up on the map with a known address in its database, and you can use this address in your analysis.


Another easy approach you can use is to enter latitude and longitude coordinates in lieu of a text-based address.   MapPoint provides latitude and longitude (shown at the bottom right-hand of the screen) wherever the pointer is located on the map; you can also use websites like where it's especially easy to copy and paste latitude and longitude data back to Excel.  Just remember to enter the data in Excel as a single string with a vertical bar, like this "39.952335|-75.163789".  Both CDXZipStream functions CDXRouteMP and CDXLocateMP will acccept this data automatically in lieu of a conventional text address.


If you have a lot of addresses and want to quickly check their validity in MapPoint, consider using our free, downloadable geocoder template.  Not only does it provide latitude and longitude for each address, but it will indicate the quality of the match in MapPoint, as shown below:


1.  Exact - A unique matching address was found in MapPoint       

2.  Allow Ambiguous - At least two matching addresses were found and the first one was selected

3.  Best Match - A good match was not found and the selected address is the best of possible alternatives

4.  No Match - No matching address was found       


Any address with a "Best Match" or "No Match" may need to have an alternative address or latitude/longitude data provided.   

January Data Updates


Canadian and U.S. data feeds were updated as of February 1 and 3, respectively.  There were 466 changes to the U.S. zip code database.  If you would like to update your database to reflect these changes, click on the "License Information and Software Updates" icon on the CDXZipStream toolbar, and select "Data Updates" to login to your account.  If you've forgotten your user name or password, please contact us at


We Hope you find the information here helpful for you and your organization.  Please contact us with your feedback and suggestions by replying to this email.


The Team at CDX Technologies 


January 2012

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