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Welcome to the CDXZipStream January 2013 Newsletter


To kick-off the new year we've just introduced our new demographic data feed from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey, that provides everything from housing value to individual earned income for all populated zip codes in the United States.  We also have a couple of new tutorial videos that give a brief overview on this new data feed, as well as a Microsoft Excel template that creates a comprehensive radius analysis report identifying store locations for a customer list (or vice versa).


Here's a look at our latest blog articles:


Zip Code Census Demographic Data in Microsoft Excel

Covered Geographies in the ACS Data Feeds of CDXZipStream


Our New ZIP Code-based Data Feed from the ACS


CDXZipStream now includes a new feed that provides extensive demographic data based on ZIP Code Tabulation Areas. (ZCTA's are the U.S. Census Bureau version of ZIP codes.)  This is the first time ZIP code-based data has been released from the American Community Survey, covering all populated ZIP codes in the U.S.  The ACS is an annual survey of about 3 million households performed by the U.S. Census Bureau. It has replaced the old "long form" version of the census, and includes many social, economic, and housing questions that were not part of the 2010 Census.  The over 200 data fields in this feed covers: 


- Age

- Individual Earnings

- Educational Attainment

- Household Size

- Household Income

- Housing Value and Rent

- Marital Status

- Mortgage Status

- Population

- Race/Ethnicity

- School Enrollment


A complete listing of data fields available CDXZipStream, including this new feed called CDXACSZCTA, can be downloaded here.


The new feed is available with the Premium ACS version of CDXZipStream, which includes all demographic data feeds and data analysis functions.  If you already have this version, the new feed is included in the most recent Premium ZIP Code data update.  Other current users of CDXZipStream can upgrade to this version by logging into their account and selecting "Upgrade Licenses".  In both cases, be sure to also get the newest 11.2.2 (free) update of CDXZipStream, available by clicking on the "License Information and Software Updates" button on the toolbar, then selecting "Software Updates".

Two New Tutorials


Our latest YouTube tutorials cover the following topics:


- The new ZIP code-based demographics data feed from the American Community Survey (described above)


- A new custom template for bulk radius analysis for a matrix of X and Y locations.  Need to find the closest stores to a long list of customers, or the closest distributions centers to a list of delivery points?  This template can create a comprehensive report for all locations, using Microsoft Excel and CDXZipStream (MapPoint version or higher).


Please click on the videos below to view:


ACS Demographic Tutorial        Bulk Radius Tutorial   


If you are interested in purchasing the bulk radius analysis template shown in the video on the right, please contact us at or call  1-877-CDX-TEC1 (239-8321).


Latest Data Updates


Canadian and U.S. data feeds were updated as of January 7.  If you would like to update your database to reflect these changes, click on the "License Information and Software Updates" icon on the CDXZipStream toolbar, and select "Data Updates" to login to your account.


Your online account can be used to upgrade your version, activate your copy of CDXZipStream, purchase enhancements or download data updates. Please contact us a with any issues accessing your data.

We hope you find the information here helpful for you and your organization.  Please contact us with your feedback and suggestions by replying to this email.


The Team at CDX Technologies 


January 2013



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Our New ZIP Code-based Data Feed from the ACS


Two New Tutorials


 Latest Data Updates