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Welcome to the CDXZipStream October 2011 Newsletter


CDXZipStream Version 11 is here, and in this month's newsletter we'll be highlighting some of its major new features.  First, a supplemental database for Canada is now available that will allow you to do lookup, calculate distances, perform radius analysis, and generate lists, all for Canadian postal codes.  We also have an extensive new zip code data feed (included with CDXZipStream Premium and Premium ACS versions) that provides 115 demographic variables from the 2010 Census.  And finally, with Version 11 you can now generate drive time maps that delineate the area within a specific drive time of a target zip code. 


There are three new blog articles for October: 

  - Zip Code Demographics from the 2010 Census

A Canadian FlagNew Canadian Database in CDXZipStream 11


We have just added a new Canadian postal code database in Version 11  (covering over 850,000 codes) that works with CDXZipStream functions, allowing you to do postal code lookup and list generation and distance and radius calculations for locations in Canada.


The new database is priced at $99.95 and can be downloaded with any new purchase of CDXZipStream from our "Buy Now" webpage.  If you already own a version of CDXZipStream, the Canadian database can be purchased from your online account.  Can't find your account user name or password?  Please contact us at


The database works with five CDXZipStream functions:

  1. CDXFindZip - Finds the postal codes associated with a Canadian city.
  2. CDXDistance - Calculates the distance between any two postal codes. This function also works between both zip codes in the U.S. and postal codes in Canada.
  3. CDXRadius - Finds the postal codes within a radius around a target code.  You can also choose to include a mix of U.S. zip codes and Canadian postal codes if both fall within the radius area.
  4. CDXClosest - Determines which postal code out of a list is closest to a target code.
  5. CDXZipList - Finds the postal codes for an entire Canadian province or city.

 Routing and other calculations associated with the functions CDXRouteMP and CDXLocateMP will continue to use the Microsoft MapPoint database for North America, including Canada.


Advanced Census 2010 Data Feed by Zip Code


Advanced demographic data from the 2010 Census is now available by zip code in the Premium and Premium ACS Version 11 of CDXZipstream.  This is a significantly larger set of data than the 15 fields we added last month from the 2010 Census; this new separate feed, listed as CDXCensus2010 under the "Select Data Feed" dropdown list, provides 115 data fields covering populations counts, age, gender, race, and housing categories.


If you already own CDXZipStream Premium or Premium ACS, click on the "License Information and Software Updates" button on the main CDXZipStream toolbar (third button from the left) and select "Date Updates" to purchase the new feed through your account. Data updates for premium versions are $29.95.   If you own a version of CDXZipStream that does not include this feed and would like to upgrade, please see our pricing list for more information; you can then upgrade if desired through your online account.  (Please contact if you need your account user name or password information.)  Of course, if you are buying CDXZipStream for the first time, please see our "Buy Now" webpage to purchase CDXZipStream Premium or Premium ACS.   New purchases already include this feed.


The data included in CDXCensus2010 are:




2010 Census Data Fields 




Drive Time Mapping is Here


CDXZipStream Version 11 allows you to generate drive time maps that delineate the driving time around a target zip code.  This feature is available free in CDXZipStream MapPoint and higher, and can be accessed through the right-click function CDXRadius.


Just right-click on any cell on your Excel worksheet, click on "CDXZipStream Functions" and select "Insert CDXRadius Function".  Input the target zip code, drive time (in minutes), and specify the result output as "Insert Drive Time Map".  CDXZipStream works with Microsoft MapPoint in the background to insert in your worksheet a drive time map with highlighted area.  For a 15 minute drive time around the zip code 12201 in Albany, New York, the result is:


                Excel Drive Time Map


If you already have CDXZipStream MapPoint or higher, just update to Version 11 by clicking on the "License Information and Software Updates" button on the main toolbar and selecting "Product Updates". If you would like to upgrade to CDXZipStream MapPoint or higher to obtain this feature, please refer to our current pricing and purchase through your online account. (Please contact if you need your account user name or password information.)  If you are buying CDXZipStream for the first time, please see our "Buy Now" webpage to purchase CDXZipStream MapPoint or higher. In all cases separate purchase of Microsoft MapPoint is required; please see our recommended reseller for more information.


October Data Updates


CDXZipStream data feeds were updated as of October 26.  Like last month there were 75 changes to the zip code database.  If you would like to update your database to reflect these changes, click on the "License Information and Software Updates" icon on the CDXZipStream toolbar, and select "Data Updates" to login to your account.  If you've forgotten your user name or password, please contact us at


We hope you find the information here helpful for you and your organization.  Please contact us with your feedback and suggestions by replying to this email.

The Team at CDX Technologies  

October 2011



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A New Canadian Database in CDXZipStream 11


Advanced Census 2010 Data Feed by Zip Code


Drive Time Mapping is Here








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