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Welcome to the CDXZipStream October 2013 Newsletter


We've just updated our blog so that all video tutorials can be viewed directly on the website (without needing to visit YouTube).   We also review the CDXZipStream licensing agreement, which allows for multiple computer installations.


 Here's the latest blog articles:


 - Age Demographics - a Key Marketing Resource  

 - How to Get the Closest, Second- and Third- Closest ZIP Codes


Video Tutorials Now Available from our Website


We've just changed our blog to allow direct viewing of video tutorials covering the use of CDXZipStream and CDXStreamer.  We realize that many of our clients do not have the ability to access YouTube from their workplace, so the blog provides a good alternative for viewing these tutorials as you need them.  


To see the tutorials associated with the most popular topics, please refer to the blog articles below:


Choosing the Right Function to Calculate Distance in CDXZipStream

Address Verification and Address Correction In Excel with CDXStreamer

Pick Your Excel Template

Choosing the Right CDXZipStream Version

ZIP Code Census Demographic Data in Microsoft Excel

Store Locator and Bulk Radius Analysis in Microsoft Excel


To find a tutorial for a specific topic, you can also use the search box on the right side of any blog page. 


Of course, you can still view the tutorials on YouTube.  All YouTube videos are listed on the blog in conjunction with their direct-view versions.



Review of the CDXZipStream Licensing Agreement 


CDXZipStream has a perpetual license, which means it can be used forever and does not require any ongoing licensing fees.  ZIP code or demographic databases associated with the various CDXZipStream versions can be updated separately at the discretion of the user.  Data updates can be purchased on a one-time basis or as a yearly (12 months) subscription.  Please see our pricing list for more information about data updates.


Each CDXZipStream purchase includes 3 additional activations.  As long as you are the only user you can use these activations on three different PC's or laptops.  This allows you to restore a crashed computer or install the program on a spare computer.   These activations are not to be used by unlicensed users.


For example, you can plan and optimize a route on your desktop, then follow the directions for the optimized route on a laptop in your car.  For very long calculations, it is also helpful to use a secondary desktop or laptop so your main computer is not tied up.  To install CDXZipStream on a new computer, just download the demo and activate the software to its full version using one of the keycodes available from your on-line account.


You can also upgrade your version at your discretion to a higher version of CDXZipStream, without incurring the full cost of buying a brand new piece of software.  The cost of the upgrade is simply the difference between the cost of the two versions as currently shown in our price list


Log into your on-line account to manage your CDXZipStream license.  Account user name and password were provided by email at the time of purchase.  The user name is usually your email address, and if you can't find your password you can reset it from the CDX Technologies website.  From the account area, you can: add and manage keycodes, buy additional licenses, upgrade your license, buy data updates. and download data files associated with your version of the software.


Please contact us at if you have any additional questions about the CDXZipStream license. 

Latest Data Updates


Canadian and U.S. data feeds were updated as of October 11.  There were 57 changes made to the U.S. database this month.  If you would like to update your database to reflect these changes, click on the "License Information and Software Updates" icon on the CDXZipStream toolbar, and select "Data Updates" to login to your account.


We hope you find the information here helpful for you and your organization.  Please contact us with your feedback and suggestions by replying to this email.


The Team at CDX Technologies 

October 2013



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Video Tutorials Now Available from our Website


Review of the CDXZipStream Licensing Agreement