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Welcome to the CDXZipStream September 2010 Newsletter

We'd like to introduce a new service to our clients - customized Excel spreadsheets created to your specifications - and also cover some "tips and tricks" when using CDXZipstream, and other product news.
We can build your custom solution ... We Can Build Your Excel Custom Solution ...
You may not always have the time or in-house expertise to develop an Excel spreadsheet using CDXZipStream.  But we do!

Just give us your specifications, and we will build a turn-key Excel spreadsheet that performs exactly the analysis you need.  At your request we can also automate tasks such as data input, sorting, and charting. If you require data that isn't in our current data feeds, we can also create a custom database that works with our patented CDXZipStream interface for Excel.

One of our clients, Encore Marketing, needed to do a radius analysis for thousands of store locations.  Encore Marketing provides quality advertising at affordable prices across the nation, in major grocery chains and over 6,900 Family Dollar stores.  We were able to deliver an Excel spreadsheet that did the job while automating the repetitive parts of the task.  
"We need to identify our closest stores to each of the locations our clients supply." according to Christine Medlin, National Sales Manager. "We used to do this manually with MapPoint.  This could take many hours of repetitive, error prone work.  Now with CDXZipStream, we just press a button and get our answer in minutes.  This has helped us provide A+ customer service with excellent ROI opportunities."

For a simple example of a customized spreadsheet, join us on our Facebook page where our fans can download a complimentary CDXZipStream geocoder that provides - with a single click of a button - latitude and longitude for thousands of addresses. This works using a unique CDXZipStream feature that allows you to work with the add-in directly, even in applications other than Excel, and also allows you pause or quit the calculation at any time.  We'll cover this feature more in a future newsletter.
For more information about custom solutions or a free quote, please call 1-877-CDX-TEC1 (1-877-239-8321) or send an email to

CDXZipStream Tips and Tricks
Tip:  Excel can sometimes slow down when working with a lot of formulas.  If you have a worksheet filled with CDXZipStream custom function formulas, you can easily remove them (without losing the data) by turning them into values.  Just copy the area that contains the formulas, select "Paste Special" from the edit menu, and choose "values".  Click OK, and all those formulas are now gone, leaving the hard data behind.  (You may want to leave one set of formulas intact, in case you need to use them later in another worksheet.) This is a particularly good idea if you are sorting large amounts of data, since sorting causes all formulas to recalculate. You should also change the formulas to values if you send your workbook to someone who doesn't have CDXZipStream.
Trick:  Zip codes in a mailing list can look pretty messy - they can be either five or nine digits, and Excel often drops leading zeroes.  Let CDXZipStream clean up those zip codes.  Just select "Zip Code" from the list of fields available from the CDXZipCode data feed, and the returned data will include the proper five-digit zip code, with leading zeroes restored.  You can then just copy and "Paste Special" these as values into the original zip code list.
Other Product News 
Our Zip Code database has been updated as of 9/24/10.  We also added a new CDX Technologies blog to our website where
we'll cover the latest CDX Technologies news as well as information on how to use Microsoft Excel and our other products to benefit your business.
As always, we hope you find the information here useful.  Please feel free to contact us with your feedback and suggestions by replying to this email.
The Team at CDX Technologies
September 2010
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