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Congratulations! You are about to use CDXStreamer from CDX Technologies. This application is designed to provide address verification capability in Microsoft Excel. It can also provide within Excel extensive business and census data for ZIP+4 and Canadian postal codes.

CDXStreamer imports data into Microsoft Excel at the click of a mouse, with no cut-and-paste, no programming, and no complex database queries required. You get to see and use your data within the familiar Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office environment – an ideal way to streamline retrieval of market, corporate or other custom data.

Used by market and business professionals, CDXStreamer is a powerful yet easy-to-use add-in technology. No detailed knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required. Based on patented technology, CDXStreamer is designed with ease of use in mind. Perform address verification and other data retrieval by clicking the appropriate button on the CDXStreamer toolbar at the top of your Excel workbook. Using an intuitive user interface, you then specify exactly what data you want and where it goes in your document. There's no need to modify existing spreadsheets with complex links or web queries. CDXStreamer can handle data across columns or rows, and can either overwrite or add to existing data sets to maintain a data history.

Since CDXStreamer works within Microsoft Excel as an add-in with access to its functions through a custom command bar, and also by right-clicking on worksheet cells, you can do your addresss verification or data compilation and analysis in a software environment you already know.

CDXStreamer features include:

- Invisible in your application, until you want to use it.

- Optional linking directly to the data source using custom functions.

- Indices (a key or link to a single data item) can be listed either in columns or rows.

- Can either overwrite or add to existing data sets to maintain a history.

- Can store commonly-used interface settings, so they can be used again in similar spreadsheets or other documents.

- Optional data headings and formatting.

- Undo or redo operations in one click.

For more information about CDXStreamer and other innovative products, please visit our website at http://www.cdxtech.com