Repeat Last CDXZipStream Query
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The "Repeat Last CDXZipStream Query" function is available on the toolbar:


The "Repeat Last" function automatically repeats the last settings and inserts new data in the active worksheet. There is no need to run the CDXZipStreamTM interface again. This also allows you to modify the list of indices to add or delete items and get the latest data. "Repeat Last" will work for a new list of zip codes too, as shown below. Select the first cell of the new list, then click on the "Repeat Last CDXZipStream Query" button:


And the result is:


The "Repeat Last" function is also available within the Excel worksheet by right-clicking on the first cell of the zip code list. See the Help section on this topic here.

The "Repeat Last" function is only available after a successful data retrieval, and is not available when an Excel session first begins.