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Congratulations! You are about to use CDXZipStream from CDX Technologies.

CDXZipStream is a complete solution for importing and analyzing zip code and demographic data in Microsoft Excel. Use it to find immediate answers to questions such as income or population levels by zip code. CDXZipStream also has built in formulas for tasks such as reverse zip code look-up, creating zip code lists, calculating distance between any two zip codes or addresses, radius analysis, and even verifying the existence of an address. You can also enter these formulas directly or by right-clicking on spreadsheet cell and selecting the CDXZipStream menu option.

Based on patented technology, CDXZipStream is designed with ease of use in mind. No programming, tedious lookups or awkward cut and paste are necessary. A detailed knowledge of Microsoft Excel is not required. Simply start data retrieval by clicking a button on the CDXZipStream toolbar. Using an intuitive user interface, you then specify exactly what data you want and where it goes in your document. There's no need to modify existing spreadsheets with complex links or web queries. CDXZipStream can handle data across columns or rows, and can either overwrite or add to existing data sets to maintain a data history.

CDXZipStream features include:

Works within Microsoft Excel – do your data compilation and analysis in a software environment you already know.

Using a simplified, patented interface, you simply specify the data you want and where you want it.

Calculate the straight line distance between Zip Codes (CDXDistance) or driving distance (CDXRouteMP), determine Zip Codes in a Radius (CDXRadius), perform Foward and Reverse Zip Code look-up (CDXFindZip and CDXZipCode), verify addresses and geocode(CDXLocateMP) or create lists of zip codes by state, county or city (CDXZipList).

With Microsoft MapPoint, you can directly embed radius, route and location maps in Excel and optimize complex routes in Excel. The CDXRouteMP and CDXLocateMP functions require MapPoint.

Right-Click functionality lets you run the prior request, bring in any data item individually or run custom CDXZipStream formulas.

Invisible in your application until you want to use it. Just click on CDXZipStream™ button in the easily accessible command bar or right click on a cell.

The premium versions of CDXZipStream™ includes hundreds of items of demographic data which can be referenced by zip code, areas code, state, city, county and CBSA. Up to thirteen separate data feeds are now included.

Change the Zip Code (or other index) in a cell and the application will update any references immediately using custom functions.

Hundreds of requests can be made at one time.

No issues with corporate or computer firewalls to access web services. A local database contains all data and provides fast access to data.

A one time purchase of data, not subscription based. Buy updates when you need them

CDXZipStream is dedicated to the analysis of zip code and other demographic data. CDXZipStream is immediately available and includes basic data items such as city, state, latitude, longitude, county and region. The premium package of CDXZipStream includes demographic data by zip code, state, city, county and other factors. Hundreds of items of demographic data are available.

The data is a one time purchase along with the product and stored locally on your computer. CDXZipStream is appropriate for use in corporate environments where security restrictions do not allow access to web services or where there are other firewall issues. Since CDXZipStream stores data locally it is a much faster solution if you are doing bulk data requests at one time. It's also lower cost if you expect to use the product continuously over a long period of time. Data updates are available as separate purchases when you need them.

For more information about CDXZipStream and other innovative products, please visit our website at http://www.cdxtech.com .