Additional Data Feeds
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The "Addtional Data Feeds" option accesses CDXZipStream™ data feeds by right-clicking on the worksheet, instead of using the CDXZipStream icon on the main command bar. This is a quick shortcut for getting a single item of data, which can also be copied to a longer list. (Please refer to the help topic for the command bar CDXZipSream icon here.)

Start by right-clicking on the worksheet cell where the data insertion starts. In the example below, we are working with state data and want population information from the CDXState Feed:


We then input the worksheet cell location (cell B3) of the first state in the list, and also select "Population":


We could also have input the actual state "AL" here, but using the worksheet cell address allows us to easily copy the result to the rest of the list.

The first result is returned for the state of Alabama:


The custom function formula can then be copied to get data for the other states:


This cut and paste technique will also work if the data are listed in rows instead of columns as shown here.