Bing Maps Settings
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The Bing Maps Settings dialog allows you to edit settings for Bing driving and routing calculations available through the functions CDXRouteBing and CDXLocateBing. Also use this dialog to set the Bing Maps key required to use these functions, and to track the number of Bing data requests made for the current session of Excel.

Start by clicking on the "Settings" icon on the main CDXZipStream™ commandbar, then "Bing Maps Settings":


Bing Maps Settings are also available through the CDXRouteBing and CDXLocateBing dialogs.

Next you'll see the main Bing Maps Settings dialog:


Data Request Tracking: This states the number of data requests made for the current Excel session. This number resets to zero when Excel is closed.

Avoid Options: When using CDXRouteMP, select the appropriate options (avoiding or minimizing highways and tolls) to control how Bing selects routes. The default is no selections.

Direction and Waypoint Output: Select "Single String" or "Array Formula" for the output of directions and waypoints from CDXRouteBing. "Single String" output will provide output data as a text string within a single worksheet cell, and "Array Formula" will provide output data as an array over multiple cells. In general, Select "Single String" when obtaining data for multiple routes, and "Array Formula" for a single route.

Map Style: Select the desired location map or route map style from Bing. Not all map styles are available for all locations; Bing will default to a road style map if the selected style is unavailable.

Trip Summary: Select whether the Trip Summary provided by CDXRouteBing includes a map and waypoint list.

Optimize: Select whether the order of the waypoints will be automatically optimized.

Fixed End Point: For optimizing routes, you can select whether the end point is fixed. With a fixed end point, the optimized route will both begin and end with the same locations as the original waypoint list. With a non-fixed end point only the beginning of the route is fixed, and optimization will select an end point that facilitiates return to the beginning location.

Validate Waypoints before Routing in Bing: The input locations will be checked for validity (i.e. if they can be found in Bing) before calculating routes with CDXRouteBing.

Set Bing Maps Key: The functions CDXRouteBing and CDXLocateBing require entering a Bing Maps license key into CDXZipStream. Please see the topic Set Bing Maps Key for more information.

Transit Start Time - Set the start time of the current day for Transit calculations. This does not impact Driving or Walking calculations.