Insert MapPoint Maps
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For a general overview of how to insert data and functions into your worksheet, please refer to the topic Inserting Data and Functions.

CDXZipStream™ can create radius, route, drive-time and location maps using Microsoft MapPoint. Using MapPoint in the background, you can directly insert Maps in an Excel worksheet using the right-click functions. This feature is in addition to the CDXZipCode functions that insert hyperlinks to MapQuest and Google maps. This feature requires Microsoft MapPoint and is only available in MapPoint-compatible versions of CDXZipStream™. The maps are "snapshot" files and cannot be directly edited.

Using the CDXRadius function, select "Insert Radius Map" in the "Result Output" dropdown list to create a custom radius map:


The CDXRadius function can also be used to create drive time maps. Select "Insert Drive Time Map" in the "Result Output" downdown list while specifying the radius time (in minutes). The drive time area is highlighted in red:


With the CDXRouteMP function, choose "Insert Route Map" in the "Route Calculation" list:


Using the CDLocateMP function, select "Insert Location Map" in the "Returned Data" list to create a custom map as shown below.