Set Bing Maps Key
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The functions CDXRouteBing and CDXLocateBing, available with Bing-compatible versions of CDXZipStreamTM, require entering a Bing Maps License key into CDXZipStream. Here is a short tutorial showing how you can get a free Bing Maps key from the Microsoft website.

Start by clicking on the "Settings" icon on the main CDXZipStream™ commandbar, then "Bing Maps Settings":


Bing Maps Settings are also available through the CDXRouteBing and CDXLocateBing dialogs.

Now click on "Set Bing Maps Key" button:


Copy and paste your key into the provided box, and click "OK":


Then as the final step click "Yes" to accept the Bing Maps TOU:


Key validation is performed when a data request is made to Bing while using CDXRouteBing or CDXLocateBing. An invalid key will result in an error message being returned to the worksheet.