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Welcome to the CDX Technologies April 2020 Newsletter


We cover our COVID-19 status and an update to CDXZipStream which improves performance for the CDXZipCode and CDXDistance formulas


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COVID-19 Status  


We are still being affected by a "stay-at-home" order from the state of New Jersey with no end date yet set. As such we ask that you primarily use email to contact us (support@cdxtech.com and sales@cdxtech.com) so we can better handle any issues remotely.   Please also take advantage of our online support resources which can solve most common issue and our blog for technical discussions.


We appreciate your understanding and wish that you and your family stay safe during this time. 


CDXZipStream Version 4.1 Update



We've upgraded CDXZipStream to increase the speed and performance of the CDXZipCode and CDXDistance functions. Caching is now employed so that repeated calls to the same Zip Code will come from memory and not the external database.  This provides an order of magnitude performance increase.  This is important when doing repeated operations such as a distance matrix or retrieving multiple data items from a single zip.

To get this new feature you need to install CDXZipStream version or better which is the current trial version on our site. There is no cost to get access to the update. The installation file for this can be downloaded here.  


Latest Data Updates


Canadian and U.S. data feeds of CDXZipStream were updated as of April 27.  If you would like to update your database to reflect these changes, select the "Account" option on the CDXZipStream menu in Excel and click on "Check for Available Database Updates".  You can then update each database as required.


CDXZipStream updates are a part of the one-year software maintenance subscription included with your purchase.  If you would like to extend your subscription, please sign in to the CDX Technologies website and from the account area for CDXZipStream, select "Buy Data Update".  The maintenance agreement also includes access to the latest version of CDXZipStream. If you are using our discontinued "Classic" version you can upgrade to the current software by purchasing this subscription at a fraction of the list price.


As always, we hope you find the information here helpful for you and your organization.  You can contact us with your feedback and suggestions by replying to this email.


The Team at CDX Technologies 


April 2020



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COVID-19 Status    


 CDXZipStream 4.1 Update 


Latest Data Updates








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