• Use our Microsoft Excel add-ins CDXZipStream and CDXStreamer for analysis of your company's location data.
    Business Intelligence Solutions
    for your location-based data.
    From the corner store to the Fortune 500,
    join the thousands of clients who use our
    products for competitive advantage.
  • CDXZipStream is an all-in-one software tool to lookup zipcodes or analyze driving distance, radius, routing and demographics by address or location.
    Do you need a powerful tool for geographic and
    route analysis? CDXZipStream is a complete solution
    featuring distance calculations, route optimization, geocoding, mapping,
    radius reports and advanced demographics.
  • CDXStreamer- Excel based software for address correction, verification and Zip+4 lookups and data.
    Finally, an affordable and convenient solution for
    address verification and ZIP+4 data is available.
    CDXStreamer works directly in Microsoft Excel
    along side your postal data to correct addresses
    and provide ZIP+4 Codes.
  • CDXGeoData- location analytics web service, API, REST
    Get location analytics using a customizable
    web service designed for both programmers
    and business users. Includes address verification,
    distance and radius analysis, ZIP and ZIP+4 lookup,
    demographics, and ZIP Code list creation.