This application from CDX Technologies creates a radius report for a list of zip codes. Thousands of zip codes can be analyzed at one time. All US zip codes within the specified radius will be returned for each zip code specified.

As a first step, just upload an excel spreadsheet or csv file with a single column of zip codes as in this file example. This online tool will then create an output report based on this. The report will be in the same order as the input file. All zip codes within the specified radius will be returned in the same row. A count of the number of zip codes returned in each row will also be provided.

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Bulk address verification and Zip+4 report results

Upload your input zip code file in csv or Excel .xlsx format in a single worksheet. Only include a single column of zip codes without other data. Click here for instructions on how to format your input zip code list.

After previewing the report, pay $0.02 per zip code using your credit card or PayPal (minimum charge of $9.95) or use your CDXStreamer account for lower costs and no minimum charge. Up to 10,000 zip codes for a radius up to 100 miles can be processed in a single report.

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We support both Excel and CSV file formats as inputs.

Input data must be included in a single column. For spreadsheets, enter the list of zip codes in column A. For csv text files, use one zip code per line. Zip Codes can be in either 5 digit or Zip+4 9 digit format. Up to 10,000 zip codes can be requested in a single report.

To generate a list of zip codes based on your location use our Zip Code Demographics by Radius or Zip Code Demographics by State/County tools.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not enter row header values

One Column Zip Code File Example

Zip Code Radius Report Preview

Below is a preview of data processed from your file:

Please note that there is a minimum charge of $9.95 on one-time purchases. There is no minimum when using CDXStreamer accounts.

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