Now with support of Bing Maps, Here and Caliper Maptitude

Do you need to calculate driving distances or find zip codes and geocodes for a list of addresses? Or identify the closest stores to your customers with ZIP Code demographics for a location-based marketing campaign? CDXZipStream is a Microsoft Windows Excel add-in that can do all this and works right in your spreadsheet. The software tool can perform thousands of calculations at a time. Just specify what data you want and where you want it, and CDXZipStream does the rest.

Features include easy, on-demand access from Excel, automatic data updating, and multiple demographic data feeds. CDXZipStream is compatible with multiple location data providers (Bing Maps, Here, Maptitude and Microsoft MapPoint). CDXZipStream also works with our CDXGeodata web service to correct address lists with USPS Zip+4 data and approved formatting.

CDXZipStream offers up-to-date, worldwide coverage with roof-top accuracy. The software can be used to geocode, reverse-geocode, calculate driving distance and time, perform route optimization, verify addresses, look up USPS ZIP and Postal Codes and create maps.

Additional CDXZipStream functions can calculate ZIP code distance, get distance between two points (latitude | longitude) or addresses, find ZIP Codes within a radius area, get reverse ZIP codes and create ZIP Code lists by city, county, or state. Databases are available for both the U.S. and Canada. CDXZipStream also supports additional international databases such as Mexico, India and Western European countries

CDXZipStream works in Excel 2010 for Windows and higher, and comes in several versions to suit your particular needs. Mac users should instead use our CDXGeodata spreadsheet apps or our cloud based Zip+4 Lookup and Demographics tools.

CDXZipStream pricing begins at $69.95, which includes a one-year subscription to our U.S. ZIP Code database. All versions come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

CDXZipStream Overview Bing Maps

Geocoding and reverse geocoding

Get latitude and longitude for addresses or postal codes, or get the nearest addresses for points of latitude and longitude. Bing Maps has address or rooftop geocoding capability for over 60 countries.

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Travel distance, time, and directions

Get driving distance, driving time, and directions between 2 or more locations. With Bing Maps you can factor in traffic conditions and also get route distance, time and directions for walking and public transit options.

Distance and radius calculations

Find straight-line as-the-crow-flies distances between ZIP Codes or points of latitude and longitude. Straight-line calculations are also used to automatically find ZIP Codes within a radius area, or the closest ZIP Codes to a target ZIP.


Get detailed demographic data from the latest American Community Survey and the 2020 U.S. Census, covering topics like income, gender, race, age, education, marital status, housing value, mortgage status and more. See CDXZipStream Data Feeds and Definitions.pdf for more information.

Geographic access analysis

Identify the healthcare facilities closest to patients or the stores closest to customers. We offer Excel templates that combine geocoding and distance calculations to create geographic access reports that help you measure network adequacy.

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Address Accuracy

Check the accuracy of your adddress lists using Bing Maps, Here, Maptitude or Microsoft MapPoint. Get the correct addresses in standardized format. You can also parse an address into its street, city, state and ZIP components. For more advanced address zip code verification see our CDXStreamer software.

ZIP Code lookup

Find ZIP Codes for specific addresses, or list all of the ZIP Codes for a city, county, or state. Easily find county for ZIP code or look up ZIP code by city and state.

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Create maps right in your worksheet. With Bing Maps you can get road or aerial maps of multiple locations or travel routes. Microsoft MapPoint can also generate radius and driving range maps.

Route optimization

Find the shortest or quickest optimized driving routes between multiple locations, and create trip summaries including waypoint lists, directions, and route maps.