Our Commitment to Privacy

At CDX Technologies, we take great care to protect the privacy of those who visit our website and of our customers who use our products. The following policy explains how your personal information will be treated when you become a CDX Technologies client. Any updates to our privacy policy will be posted on this web site with 30 days notice before implementation.

Privacy Policy Overview

We will never share information that is personally identifiable to you or your group members using CDX Technologies products, with any third parties or send you unsolicited communications.

What is CDX Technologies and why is personal information needed?

CDX Technologies sells software and services including but not necessarily exclusive to CDXZipStream™ and CDXStreamer™

Our CDXStreamer™ and CDXZipStream™ products provide web services and associated client side software for Microsoft Office. We require personal information including a first name, last name, password, and valid e-mail address for users to access demos of the products. Additional information including a verified address and credit card information is required to purchase or subscribe to CDX technologies and products.


CDX Technologies has security measures in place to help protect against theft, alteration or any other misuse of the client data under our control. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to provide both authentication and encryption during data transit. This helps ensure that Data is secure and available only to you. Unique user names and passwords are required each time a customer accesses the service. Clients are also offered an additional option to encrypt transferred files as an additional layer of security. We host our software and services in a physically secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technologies to keep information safe from unauthorized intruders.

Data transmission via the Internet can not be insured to be 100% secure. While CDX Technologies makes every effort to secure your data, files and personal information we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of the information you send to us.


A cookie is a small file containing information that our software may provide to your browser. The cookie contains a unique identifier and additional data which authenticates valid users and is required for us to secure your access. Your browser must be set up to accept and store cookies to access the software and services on the CDX Technologies web site. We do not store personal information, account numbers or passwords in cookies.

Usage Information Collected

CDX Technologies logs information from customers and visitors to our websites. This information includes but is not exclusive to the IP address, number of visits, aggregate usage, and data storage requirements. The information collected allows us to administer the site, accurately bill our customers and to diagnose technical problems.

Contact us regarding our Privacy Policy

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy you may mail us at CDX Technologies, 2 West Hanover Avenue, Suite 212 Randolph N.J. 07869, calling 973-895-5542, or emailing support@cdxtech.com

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