Generate a census tract demographic report for your list of addresses using this demographics batch report from CDX Technologies. The report includes the matching census tract, census block and the latest data from the 2022 American Community Survey (ACS).

An example of an output data file can be downloaded here. You can analyze the example and other demographic lists created with this tool by downloading our free Demographic Report Template. Definition of the data fields listed can be found here. To see what is available check out our example demographic report.

Simply upload a spreadsheet .xlsx or csv file with your addresses to start the report process. The tools will automatically convert your addresses to census tracts and provide matching demographics for each tract. Only US addresses are supported.

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To generate a report for a single address use our Census Tract Demographics by Single Address tool.


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Bulk address verification and Zip+4 report results

Upload your input address file in csv or Excel .xlsx format in a single worksheet. Click here for instructions on how to format your input zip code list.

After previewing the report, Pay $.0.05 per address using your credit card or PayPal (minimum charge of $9.95) or use your CDXStreamer account for lower costs and no minimum charge. Up to 5,000 addresses can be processed in a single report.

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How It Works


Export or create your address file following our formatting instructions and select your file from your system or drag and drop your file to the drop zone.


Preview a select number of output data values. This will allow you to test your address formatting and fix any issues you may have.


Use your CDXStreamer account or complete a one-time purchase using your major credit card or your PayPal account. You will receive an email receipt for your purchase.


Download your output file containing verified data for all of your addresses. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at 973-895-5542 or

We support both Excel and CSV file formats.

Your upload file can contain up to 6 columns. Please review what formats our software expects below.

Street Address, City and State ARE REQUIRED to verify an address.

PLEASE NOTE: Header values are optional as the tool will attempt to find the proper columns. Click Here For Help if you wish use column headers.

One Column Example:
For Excel files all data can be included in a single column. Use commas to separate the data items.
The format is Street Address, City, State and Zip (The Zip code is optional)
Here is an example showing how your data file should look for one column formmating:
One Column Address File Example
Two Column Example:
For a two column file format, you should enter the street address in the first column and the City State, Zip code in the second column
Include as much information as you have available in the second column (The Zip code is optional)
Here is an example showing how your data file should look for two column formatting:
Two Column Address File Example
Three, Four and Five Column Processing:
For files with three, four or five columns of data, your data should be split out into the approprate number of columns following the two column example above
Street Address, City and State ARE REQUIRED. (The Zip code is optional)
Here is an example showing how your data file should look for four column formatting:
Four Column Address File Example
Processing Files With Header Rows:
For files containing header rows, our software supports the following header row values to identify the Street Address column:
If your file contains both street address AND secondary address columns, they must be in squential order
with secondary address information placed directly after street address.

Our software supports the following header row values to identify the Secondary Address column:
One of the header row values above is required to first identify the main street address
  • STREET 2
A single column of optional data can be included in the output file by labelling the first column in your input file with the header "ID"

Census Tract Demographics Report Preview

The report includes the matching census tract, census block and the latest data from the Decennial 2020 U.S. Census and the 2021 American Community Survey (ACS).

Below is a preview of data processed from your file:

Your Entry Tract Number Census Tract Census Block County State AgeMedian Age0to4 Age5to9 Age10to14 Age15to17 Age18to20 Age21to24 Age25to34 Age35to44 Age45to54 Age55to61 Age62to64 Age65to74 Age75to84 Age85Plus AgeMedianFemale AgeFemale0to4 AgeFemale5to9 AgeFemale10to14 AgeFemale15to17 AgeFemale18to20 AgeFemale21to24 AgeFemale25to34 AgeFemale35to44 AgeFemale45to54 AgeFemale55to61 AgeFemale62to64 AgeFemale65to74 AgeFemale75to84 AgeFemale85Plus AgeMedianMale AgeMale0to4 AgeMale5to9 AgeMale10to14 AgeMale15to17 AgeMale18to20 AgeMale21to24 AgeMale25to34 AgeMale35to44 AgeMale45to54 AgeMale55to61 AgeMale62to64 AgeMale65to74 AgeMale75to84 AgeMale85Plus EarningsPopulation EarningsMedian EarningsLessthan10K Earnings10to19K Earnings20to29K Earnings30to39K Earnings40to49K Earnings50to74K Earnings75to99K Earnings100KPlus EarningsFemalePopulation EarningsMedianFemale EarningsFemaleLessthan10K EarningsFemale10to19K EarningsFemale20to29K EarningsFemale30to39K EarningsFemale40to49K EarningsFemale50to74K EarningsFemale75to99K EarningsFemale100KPlus EarningsMalePopulation EarningsMedianMale EarningsMaleLessthan10K EarningsMale10to19K EarningsMale20to29K EarningsMale30to39K EarningsMale40to49K EarningsMale50to74K EarningsMale75to99K EarningsMale100KPlus EducationAttainPopulation25PlusYears EducationAttainNoSchooling EducationAttainNurserytoGrade8 EducationAttainSomeHighSchool EducationAttainHighSchoolGrad EducationAttainSomeCollege EducationAttainAssociateDegree EducationAttainBachelorsDegree EducationAttainAdvancedDegree EducationAttainPopulationFemale25PlusYears EducationAttainFemaleNoSchooling EducationAttainFemaleNurserytoGrade8 EducationAttainFemaleSomeHighSchool EducationAttainFemaleHighSchoolGrad EducationAttainFemaleSomeCollege EducationAttainFemaleAssociateDegree EducationAttainFemaleBachelorsDegree EducationAttainFemaleAdvancedDegree EducationAttainPopulationMale25PlusYears EducationAttainMaleNoSchooling EducationAttainMaleNurserytoGrade8 EducationAttainMaleSomeHighSchool EducationAttainMaleHighSchoolGrad EducationAttainMaleSomeCollege EducationAttainMaleAssociateDegree EducationAttainMaleBachelorsDegree EducationAttainMaleAdvancedDegree HouseholdsTotal HouseholdIncome0to24K HouseholdIncome25to49K HouseholdIncome50to74K HouseholdIncome75to99K HouseholdIncome100to149K HouseholdIncome150to199K HouseholdIncome200KPlus HouseholdIncomeMedian HouseholdIncomeMedianunder25years HouseholdIncomeMedian25to44years HouseholdIncomeMedian45to64years HouseholdIncomeMedian65yearsandover HouseholdsOwnerOccuppied HouseholdSizeOwnerOccupied1Person HouseholdSizeOwnerOccupied2Person HouseholdSizeOwnerOccupied3Person HouseholdSizeOwnerOccupied4Person HouseholdSizeOwnerOccupied5Person HouseholdSizeOwnerOccupied6Person HouseholdSizeOwnerOccupied7PlusPerson HouseholdsRenterOccupied HouseholdSizeRenterOccupied1Person HouseholdSizeRenterOccupied2Person HouseholdSizeRenterOccupied3Person HouseholdSizeRenterOccupied4Person HouseholdSizeRenterOccupied5Person HouseholdSizeRenterOccupied6Person HouseholdSizeRenterOccupied7PlusPerson HouseholdSizeAverage HouseholdSizeAverageOwnerOccupied HouseholdSizeAverageRenterOccupied HousingUnitswithMortgage HousingUnitswithoutMortgage HousingValueMedian HousingValueLessthan50K HousingValue50to99K HousingValue100to149K HousingValue150to199K HousingValue200to299K HousingValue300to399K HousingValue400to499K HousingValue500to749K HousingValue750to999K HousingValue1MMPlus MaritalStatusPopulation15PlusYears MaritalStatusNeverMarried MaritalStatusMarriedSpousePresent MaritalStatusMarriedSpouseAbsent MaritalStatusDivorced MaritalStatusWidowed MaritalStatusPopulationFemale15PlusYears MaritalStatusFemaleNeverMarried MaritalStatusFemaleMarriedSpousePresent MaritalStatusFemaleMarriedSpouseAbsent MaritalStatusFemaleDivorced MaritalStatusFemaleWidowed MaritalStatusPopulationMale15PlusYears MaritalStatusMaleNeverMarried MaritalStatusMaleMarriedSpousePresent MaritalStatusMaleMarriedSpouseAbsent MaritalStatusMaleDivorced MaritalStatusMaleWidowed Population PopulationFemale PopulationMale PopulationHispanic PopulationNonHispanic RaceAsian RaceBlack RaceHawaiian RaceIndian RaceOther RaceTwoOrmore RaceWhite RentGrossCashLessthan250 RentGrossCash250to499 RentGrossCash500to749 RentGrossCash750to999 RentGrossCash1000to1249 RentGrossCash1250to1499 RentGrossCash1500to1999 RentGrossCash2000Plus RentGrossNoCash SchoolEnrollPreschool SchoolEnrollKindergarten SchoolEnrollGrades1to4 SchoolEnrollGrades5to8 SchoolEnrollGrades9to12 SchoolEnrollCollege SchoolEnrollGradSchool SchoolEnrollNotEnrolled SchoolEnrollFemalePreschool SchoolEnrollFemaleKindergarten SchoolEnrollFemaleGrades1to4 SchoolEnrollFemaleGrades5to8 SchoolEnrollFemaleGrades9to12 SchoolEnrollFemaleCollege SchoolEnrollFemaleGradSchool SchoolEnrollFemaleNotEnrolled SchoolEnrollMalePreschool SchoolEnrollMaleKindergarten SchoolEnrollMaleGrades1to4 SchoolEnrollMaleGrades5to8 SchoolEnrollMaleGrades9to12 SchoolEnrollMaleCollege SchoolEnrollMaleGradSchool SchoolEnrollMaleNotEnrolled
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