You can access CDX Technologies location analytics from any software platform

While our other software programs require a Windows-based version of Microsoft Excel, CDXGeoData provides access to location analytics from Windows, Linux, MAC OS and other platforms. Functions available include address correction, zip code lookup by address, geocoding, routing, radius analysis and many others. Use our free Excel add-in and pre-developed spreadsheet apps or roll your own application.

For Business Users: CDXGeoData functions can also be accessed through a powerful Excel add-in that works in both Windows and MAC OS environments. No additional software needs to be installed - you just need an internet connection. Custom templates can also be developed in Excel and other platforms without worrying about licensing for additional users. You just manage the requests made to the service, not the number of users.

For Programmers: Access CDXGeoData web service functions from web sites, apps and software programs. CDXGeoData Web Services API uses REST (REpresentational State Transfer), which is used to build web services that are lightweight, easy to maintain, and scalable. Each user will have a customized account at which covers overall usage and detailed documentation for every function. Example reports can be generated showing the output of each function. Programming examples are provided in C# and Javascript.

It's easy to get started - just request a free CDXGeodata API key by clicking here. You will receive an API key that allows you to access our services. For higher usage levels and commercial for profit use purchase blocks of additional tokens good for up to one year. Paid keys also include a development API key that renews each month with 1000 tokens. Please see GeoData pricing for details.

CDXGeoData works on Windows, Linux and Mac


Geocode (get latitude and longitude from addresses) and reverse geocode (get addresses from latitude and longitude). Data is sourced from Bing Maps, which provides address or rooftop geocoding precision for 70 countries.


Calculate travel (driving) distance and time using routing data from Bing Maps. Routes can take into account traffic conditions and road closures. Bing Maps provides road data for 260 countries/regions.


Perform address verification and correction using U.S. Postal Service databases. Get address data in standard format and find ZIP+4 Codes even for addresses with missing data.


Calculate the straight-line (as-the-crow-flies) distance between U.S. ZIP Codes. Calculations use the centroid point of each ZIP Code area. Distance is provided in miles, kilometers, or nautical miles.


Generate a list of all U.S. ZIP Codes up to a radius distance of 200 miles around a central target ZIP Code. Also obtain latitude, longitude, and distance from the target for each ZIP Code in the radius area.


Get a complete list of U.S. ZIP Codes for a given city, county, or state. City, county, and state data associated with each ZIP Code are also provided.


List all U.S. ZIP Codes associated with any city/state combination.


Get ZIP Code population statistics for race based on Census 2010 ZIP Code Tabulation Areas.


Get ZIP Code population statistics for gender based on Census 2010 ZIP Code Tabulation Areas.


Get U.S. ZIP Code data including city, county, state, latitude, and longitude. See CDXGeodata Data and Definitions.pdf for more information.


Get U.S. ZIP Code demographics covering population, income, housing, and more. See CDXGeodata Data and Definitions.pdf for more information.