Customizable Apps and multi-platform API web services with full functionality

CDXGeoData Features Cloud
Access from any platform

Get CDX Technologies location analytics from any software platform. Work from the familiarity of Microsoft Excel or your web or desktop software of choice

Free Microsoft Excel Add-in and template Apps

Business users can access all features using free Excel add-in and templates that require no programming knowledge. For both Windows and Mac version of Excel with VBA.

Uses REST web services

REST (REpresentational State Transfer) web services provide scalable easy to use solutions for multiple environments.

Full functionality

Features include address correction, Zip Code radius and distance calculations, demographics, lists and ZIP and ZIP+4 lookup.

Start with a free API Key

Free API keys to evaluate CDXGeodata can be requested here. The free key can be used for evaluation, development or non-profit use. For higher usage levels and commercial use purchase blocks of additional requests. The requests are available for up to one year and include an additional development key with 1000 tokens per month. No automatic rebilling.

No need to purchase more software

No additional software to purchase to deploy to multiple users, just pay for the expected number of requests.


Roll your own application or use our custom design services available for Excel and all platforms

We do the data updating

Regular data updating is performed on our servers, no need for users to separately update data files.

Fully documented

Get complete documentation for your programming environment at