Frequently Asked Questions

Answer your common questions about CDXGeoData apps and API web services. Find out how to set up an account, buy token requests, use our free Excel templates and develop applications. Just click on any question below to explore the topic.

CDXGeodata is a set of apps and web based services which make our location data analytics available on a variety of Windows and Non-Windows based platforms. It can be accessed via the pre-programmed Excel templates we’ve created or integrated into custom applications in Excel or other environments.

You can get started by requesting a free API key here. You can use this key to start programming at You can also enter this key in our free Excel add-in and online Excel templates for reports the service can create.

CDXGeoData services can work in any environment, not only Excel but any software platform that support REST based web services. Because CDXZipStream and CDXStreamer use Microsoft .NET technology we have been unable to deploy them to Excel for Apple and other operating systems. The CDXGeoData add-in and the free Excel templates we’ve developed will work on both Excel for Windows and Excel for the MAC. Coding examples are documented for both C# and Javascript.

Yes, we do really offer a API key with 100 tokens that can be used for evaluation, development or non-profit use. Each purchase of a CDXGeodata paid API key includes a free development account that renews with 1000 tokens per month.

A token is a credit that is exchanged for data requests on the site. Some operations on the site will take more than one token to complete such as a large radius analysis or address correction. Please see our pricing page for more information.

Free basic keys are available from the Microsoft website here. Free trial keys and enterprise keys for purchase are available from Microsoft partners such as Onterra Systems. All key types can be used with both the trial and purchased versions of CDXZipStream. But keep in mind that data requests using enterprise keys are given priority by Bing Maps. The Bing key needs to be entered in the site in the "Settings" area.

Getting a free Bing Maps API key

Just log into with your account name and API key. Documentation and examples for each function are covered.

Just purchase a new API key with the additional tokens you need. The tokens can be used up to one year after your purchase. There is no automatic rebilling. The additional development API key will also continue to renew each month.

We do offer custom design services. Please contact us at We can support Excel and any web based application.

You can deploy your application to an unlimited number of users. You are only limited by the number of request tokens in your account. This is unlike CDXZipStream which has a per user license.

CDXZipStream is a perpetual license that is not limited by the number of requests. If you are doing large scale analysis CDXZipStream will be more cost effective and faster. CDXZipStream also supports advanced driving distance calculations and demographics not yet available in CDXGeoData. Likewise, CDXStreamer has been optimized for bulk request and is much faster and cheaper than using the address correction feature in CDXGeodata. You should use CDXGeodata if you are working outside of Excel for windows or need to deploy an application to many users.

There are matching templates to support each CDXGeodata function. This includes the demographic function, distance, radius, zip lists and address correction functions. The templates help to automate and manage bulk requests to the data service. They will prompt you for the number of requests expected to be used and the number you have available. For more information please see our templates page. The templates run without installing any additional software or addins in Excel. We expect to be offering additional templates shortly.

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