Get the data you need without leaving Microsoft Excel or your browser

CDXStreamer is a suite of online tools and Excel apps to verify and correct address lists, add ZIP+4 Codes, or provide location analytics

Your CDXStreamer account can be used to access our web based Bulk Address Correction and Zip+4 Lookup Tool and Zip Code Demographics Batch Report Tool. Additional online tools are available to process demographics by radius or by state and county. We also offer web based tools with ability to calculate driving distance between US or Canada postal codes or between worldwide addresses.

With our Excel add-in for address correction there's no need to copy and paste from another software application. You can access the CDXStreamer toolbar in Excel or right-click anywhere in your spreadsheet. And you can easily update data with CDXStreamer custom formulas. An Address Verification template is also available to streamline the processing of long lists in Excel.

Purchase a block of data requests that are good for one year, or subscribe to our monthly service, which you can cancel at any time.

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Address verification and correction

Check the accuracy of your address lists against USPS databases. Get complete address data in standardized format. Correct misspellings and incorrect ZIP Codes, and parse address data into street, city, state and ZIP Code components.

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ZIP and ZIP+4 lookup with USPS data

Find missing ZIP and ZIP+4 data for an address list. Get detailed postal service data associated with ZIP+4 Codes including carrier route ID number, congressional district, allowable high-low address numbers and ZIP Code range, and street suffix and directionals.

ZIP Code Demographics

Get over 50 key demographic data items such as population, race and gender based on zip code. Upload your custom list or specify a radius or city/state combination.