Easy, affordable address verification and postal data access

Works in your Browser or Microsoft Excel

Do your address correction and ZIP Code data analysis in a familiar software environment. Get your data through our web tools or our CDXStreamer add-in in Excel

Zip Code Data Demographics

Get location data and key demographic data items by radius, state/county or custom list. Use our free template to easily summary reports to analyze your customer base.

Easy access

Our web tools are available on demand in your browser. With our Excel Add-in, just click on the CDXStreamer toolbar in your worksheet, or right-click on any cell in your worksheet to get data or verify addresses.

Data driven

Do hundreds of data requests at a time. And it’s all on our servers – you don’t need to download or maintain massive databases.


Comparable services can cost thousands of dollars. We offer monthly subscriptions or fixed one-time block data plans at affordable prices.

Patented Excel Add-in interface

Using our intuitive interface, you simply specify the data you want and where you want it. Commonly-used interface settings are stored and can be used again in other files.

Dynamic Excel Updating

Your spreadsheet updates automatically using embedded CDXStreamer formulas that link to the data. Both your data and software version are always the latest available.

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