Check your list of US addresses and add Zip+4 data using this Bulk Address Correction tool from CDX Technologies. Use your existing CDXStreamer account or pay $.0.01 per address using your credit card or PayPal (minimum charge of $9.95). Up to 20,000 address can be processed in a single report. For a quick review of how to use this tool check out this Youtube video.

Upload your input address file in csv or Excel .xlsx format in a single worksheet. Be sure to include address data (address, city, state) in consecutive columns. Click here for further instructions on how to format your address list.

An example of an single column input file can be downloaded here. A multi-column input file is available at this link. These inputs will produce the following output data file . The output data file is in exactly the same row order as the input file including blanks and errors. Optional data such as a name or reference number can be included by specifying headers with the first column name set to 'ID' as in the following file example.

If our software can't identify the input format a screen will be presented allowing you to match columns to the expected address fields. You can also choose to immediately select columns by clicking the check box below.

For worldwide lookups or having only partial address information we recommend our Location Data Batch Report. This alternative report contains information such as address best match, latitude, longitude, postal code and other key location information.

Simply drag & drop or select your data file below to begin!


Drop your CSV or Excel file here

How It Works


Export or create your address file following our formatting instructions and select your file from your system or drag and drop your file to the drop zone.


Preview a select number of output data values. This will allow you to test your address formatting and fix any issues you may have.


Use your CDXStreamer account or complete a one-time purchase using your major credit card or your PayPal account. You will receive an email receipt for your purchase.


Download your output file containing verified data for all of your addresses. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at 973-895-5542 or

We support both Excel and CSV file formats.

Your upload file can contain up to 6 columns. Please review what formats our software expects below.

Street Address, City and State ARE REQUIRED to verify an address.

PLEASE NOTE: Header values are optional as the tool will attempt to find the proper columns. Click Here For Help if you wish use column headers.

One Column Example:
For Excel files all data can be included in a single column. Use commas to separate the data items.
The format is Street Address, City, State and Zip (The Zip code is optional)
Here is an example showing how your data file should look for one column formmating:
One Column Address File Example
Two Column Example:
For a two column file format, you should enter the street address in the first column and the City State, Zip code in the second column
Include as much information as you have available in the second column (The Zip code is optional)
Here is an example showing how your data file should look for two column formatting:
Two Column Address File Example
Three, Four and Five Column Processing:
For files with three, four or five columns of data, your data should be split out into the approprate number of columns following the two column example above
Street Address, City and State ARE REQUIRED. (The Zip code is optional)
Here is an example showing how your data file should look for four column formatting:
Four Column Address File Example
Processing Files With Header Rows:
For files containing header rows, our software supports the following header row values to identify the Street Address column:
If your file contains both street address AND secondary address columns, they must be in squential order
with secondary address information placed directly after street address.

Our software supports the following header row values to identify the Secondary Address column:
One of the header row values above is required to first identify the main street address
  • STREET 2
A single column of optional data can be included in the output file by labelling the first column in your input file with the header "ID"

Verified Preview Results

Below is a preview of data processed from your file:

ID Your Entry Lookup Result Full Address Street Street2 City State Zip + 4 County County FIPs State Full Name State FIPs DPBC Zip Code Latitude Zip Code Longitude
Please note that there is a minimum charge of $9.95 on one-time purchases. There is no minimum when using CDXStreamer accounts.

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