Generate a Zip Code Distance batch report for your list of US zip codes using this online tool from CDX Technologies. Pay $.01 per zip code pair using your credit card or PayPal (minimum charge of $9.95) or use your CDXStreamer account for lower costs and no minimum charge. Up to 20,000 zip code pairs can be processed in a single report.

Upload your input zip code file in csv or Excel .xlsx format in a single worksheet. Only include two columns of zip codes without other data or headers. Here is an example of a correctly formatted input file. With this input the tool will produce the following output file.

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Simply drag & drop or select your data file below to begin!


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How It Works


Export or create your zip code list file following our formatting instructions and select your file from your system or drag and drop your file to the drop zone.


Preview a select number of output data values. This will allow you to test your zip code formatting and fix any issues you may have.


Use your CDXStreamer account or complete a one-time purchase using your major credit card or your PayPal account. You will receive an email receipt for your purchase.


Download your output file containing demographic data for all of your zip codes. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at 973-895-5542 or

Distance Report Preview

Zip Code1 Zip Code2 Straight Line Distance in Miles

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