CDXStreamer Excel Add-in

The free 7-day trial of CDXStreamer includes full access to our online tools and Excel add-in for address verification, Zip+4 data and demographics. It can provide up to a total of 1000 individual address or zip code requests. The 1000 request limit is combined across all applications, not per application.

Office 365 Users: If you encounter a #NAME? error using the formulas its likely you have the The "Microsoft Store" version of Office 365 which has add-in compatibility issues. To resolve this problem please follow the instructions in this support article.

If the download .exe file is blocked by your company firewall, you can download an alternative .zip file here.

Includes all functionality, with address verification and access to all data. Compatible with 32- and 64-bit Microsoft Excel 2010 and higher for Windows. Not compatible with Excel for Mac. Mac users should instead use our CDXGeodata spreadsheet Address Correction app.