What our customers have to say about CDXZipStream

"My name is Bill Penzo, and I am the Director of Patient Services & Contracting for a Preventive Medicine Body Scanning company in California. We are headquartered in Newport Beach, and have Mobile Telemedicine Scanning Units that allow us to provide service in a variety of locations; thus we have clients who live in areas throughout the State of California. We have been operational since 1997; thus we have a database of over 75,000 patients. Our clients typically partake in our program every 3 – 5 years, and it benefits us (and them) to provide advance notice regarding the upcoming scan locations.

One of my frustrations over the years has been the amount of time it takes me to properly identify follow-up patients who live in a location suitable for our remote visits. I am relatively “tech savvy”, with some database experience, but it is not my expertise. I would literally spend 8+ hours sorting, filtering, and analyzing our database to determine which patients lived within a drivable (45 minutes or so) distance from upcoming scan sites, sorting by Zip Code, looking at online maps, etc. I knew there had to be a technological solution, which led me to a quest, culminating in my good fortune finding CDXZipstream.

Before “taking the plunge” I downloaded a demo and called CDXZipstream. Call answered on first ring – Good Sign! Knowledgeable, Friendly Customer Service who walked me through using the free demo – Great Sign! Product performing an analysis that would have taken me many, many hours in 3 minutes – Sold!

Whenever I contemplate making a purchase for business, I always consider the ROI in order to be a good shepherd of company funds. This purchase was an absolute no-brainer. When I think of the opportunity cost of the many hours I previously spent performing this analysis, and add that to the vastly increased efficiency, success, and return in properly identifying geographically suitable clients, this purchase was more than warranted. As previously mentioned, I am not a tech expert. There have been a few times over the past year when I needed to have a bit of a refresher regarding the product utilization. Each time I call CDX, the friendly, patient customer service provided by Bill is every bit as good as it was before I made the purchase. He is never in a rush, helps guide/refresh me, and will send me updated articles to keep me up to speed. Needless to say, as pleased as I am with the product, I am equally pleased by the customer support.

Bottom line, I am very, very glad I made this purchase, and on a scale of 1 – 100, I rate CDXZipstream 100!"

Bill Penzo
Director of Patient Services & Contracting
Body Scan International

"CDXZipStream allowed me to process huge quantities of data very quickly. When I needed a different approach for calculating response times for a proposed fire station, CDX Tech responded within a week and added a new feature that easily did the job."

Brent Coursin
Incipi Technology

"CDX Technologies was able to create a custom template for our project, enabling us to complete the work in a fraction of the time. We now own this template and can utilize it for other projects, which will really help to streamline the process in the future."

Jamie Travis
Account Coordinator
Coyne Public Relations

"We need to identify our closest stores to each of the locations our clients supply. We used to do this manually with MapPoint. This could take many hours of repetitive, error prone work. Now with CDXZipStream, we just press a button and get our answer in minutes. This has helped us provide A+ customer service with excellent ROI opportunities."

Christine Medlin
National Sales Manager
Encore Marketing

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