International Databases

CDXZipStream can now be configured to use postal code databases for other countries as a substitute for the default US zip code database. All of the CDXZipStream built-in functions which use the local database (such as CDXZipCode, CDXDistance and CDXRadius) will be able to access this data. You must have CDXZipStream version 5.1 or later or the current demo to use this feature.

The following countries are now supported and can be downloaded using the associated link

To install, download the desired postal code zip file above and extract the contained db file to a known location on your computer. Start Excel and in the CDXZipStream top level menu press "Account" and then the "Upload Manually" button. Select the db file in the file dialog which follows and press "Open". Your database will then be updated with the desired country data.

This will substitute for and completely overwrite the US data. To reload the US database, click again on the "Account" button in the CDXZipStream top level Excel menu. Then, press the button to "Restore US Database".

The following video demonstrates how to install and use these databases.

This international data can be used by both the CDXZipStream demo and registered versions and is free of additional charge. The data was obtained from and other data sources believed to be accurate. Update subscriptions to this data are not part of any CDXZipStream license. All information and reports provided to you AS IS without warranty of any kind. Your use of the data indicates acceptance of these terms and we will not be responsible for damages of any type.