We cover a new video on Determining the County Name for a Zip Code or Address , Census 2020 status and our August Data update.

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Determining the County Name for a Zip Code or Address Video
We've created a new video demonstrating how to use our online and desktop tools to return county name and other variables from your customer data.

A common business problem is to find the county where a customer resides.  This can be required to determine sales tax or to obtain other background information on a location.  County can be determined by either the zip code or the full address.

CDX Technologies offers a variety of tools which allow you to determine county and many other data items for a zip code or address.  Which product you choose depends on the data you need, the technology platform in use and on the number of reports/requests you expect to do.
For additional information please check out the video below.
Census 2020 Status Update
The U.S. Census has not yet released the raw data we need to update the decennial 2020 Census in our databases. This is due to COVID-19 and other factors.

While they have begun releasing redistricting population data, the complete data set including income, housing, sex and age is not yet available. Their current estimate on this is by the end of September 2021. We would expect to be able to publish an update one month after the complete Census 2020 data release.

If you are in immediate need of recent demographics our American Community Survey (ACS) tables contain data current as of 2019.
Latest Data Updates

Canadian and U.S. data feeds of CDXZipStream were updated as of August 25. If you would like to update your database to reflect these changes, select the "Account" option on the CDXZipStream menu in Excel and click on "Check for Available Database Updates". You can then update each database as required.
CDXZipStream updates are a part of the one-year software maintenance subscription included with your purchase. If you would like to extend your subscription, please sign in to the CDX Technologies website and from the account area for CDXZipStream, select "Buy Data Update".  The maintenance agreement also includes access to the latest version of CDXZipStream.
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