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Welcome to the CDXZipStream February 2015 Newsletter


We've developed a new free template for verifying and parsing address data using the web-based Excel add-in CDXStreamer.  The latest American Community Survey data for the years 2008-2012 is now available for census tracts in the U.S. and Puerto Rico; this census tract database is a separate purchase and is compatible with all demographic versions of CDXZipStream. 

Super Easy Address Verification in an Excel Template

We now offer a free Excel template that will automatically verify and parse an address list using our Excel add-in CDXStreamer. 


Address verification is a key step to getting the most bang for the buck with any direct mail campaign.


Just paste your address list into the template and press a button to start the verification process. Input addresses can be in single-line format or separate address components (street, city, state, ZIP Code) can be entered in different columns. The output provides the verified address data in both single-line and parsed format, and includes ZIP+4 codes. Verified addresses follow US Post Office formatting standards. Here's a sample of input and output data:


Address Correction Template


Address Verification Spreadsheet


You can download this template here.

Although CDXZipStream can also perform address verification, the smaller desktop database of MapPoint does limit its accuracy. In contrast CDXStreamer is a web-based service using USPS databases that reside on CDX Technology servers, and can provide true address verification for long lists of addresses in Excel. It is available as a free 7-day trial which can be evaluated with the new template. Please refer to CDXStreamer pricing for either monthly or one-time payment plans.


Get the Latest ACS Data by Census Tract

We have just updated the CDXZipStream Census Tract data feed from the American Community Survey, for the years 2008-2012. The feed includes all census tracts in both the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and covers a wide array of demographic data such as: age, individual earnings, educational attainment, household size, household income, housing value and rent, marital status, population, race, and school enrollment. Most of these where relevant are also provided by gender.


Since census tracts are on average about half the size of ZIP Codes, they offer a more precise demographic snapshot. A complete listing and description of each demographic variable is provided in the downloadable document CDXZipStream Data Feeds and Definitions.


Here's a quick tutorial on how to use CDXZipStream to retrieve census tract data:


American Community Survey Census Tracts

Census Tract Demographics for an Address List


To access the data, census tract codes (also referred to as FIPS codes), must be provided as input in an Excel worksheet. CDX Technologies also offers a free Excel template that can identify census tract codes for an address list - please see the article Get Census Tract FIPS Codes in an Excel Template for more details.  


The census tract database is compatible with all demographic versions of CDXZipStream. It is a separate purchase and is currently priced at $199.95.  


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Super Easy Address Verification in an Excel Template


Get the Latest ACS Data by Census Tract


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