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Welcome to the CDXZipStream March 2015 Newsletter


In this month's newsletter we cover the gender-based demographics data from the American Community Survey that are available in the CDXZipStream Premium ACS version.  We also highlight the VLOOKUP worksheet function in Excel, which can be indispensable for finding address or other geographical data in large sets of data.


Since the USPS made an unusually large (4,496) number of changes to the ZIP Code database this past month, you may want to consider purchasing a data update. Just click on the "License Information and Software Updates" icon on the CDXZipStream toolbar, and select "Data Updates" to login to your account.


Recent blog articles:


- A New Excel Template for Verifying and Parsing Address Lists

Gender-based Demographics from the American Community Survey

With the recent updates of the American Community Survey feeds that are available through the CDXZipStream Premium ACS version, we'd like to highlight the gender-based demographics that are available for age, earnings, educational attainment, school enrollment, and marital status. All of these are available for males and females based on state, county, city (over 20,000 in population), CBSA (Core Based Statistical Area), and ZCTA (the census version of ZIP Codes).

Here's a short tutorial showing how to obtain gender-based data from the ACS using CDXZipStream:


Gender Demographics in the US

Gender Demographics in the US


The example in the tutorial for New Haven County, Connecticut shows there is a single ZIP Code where female median earnings are higher than male median earnings. For all ZIP Codes in the U.S. where ACS data is available, female earnings are higher in about 7% of cases.

Tip: When retrieving a lot of data (e.g. when we obtained earnings data for all 40,000 ZIP Codes) use the CDXZipStream button to get custom formulas for only the first line in your list - just make sure to insert a blank row after the first item. Then delete the blank row and use Excel autofill to get data for the remaining items in the list. (Autofill is described in this Microsoft article - just remember you can automatically fill a formula in a column, for all adjacent cells, by double-clicking the fill handle of the first cell - dragging the handle is just too difficult for long data lists.) This is a faster method and you can also monitor the progress of the calculations at the bottom of your screen.


If you would like to upgrade your current license to the CDXZipStream ACS Premium version, select "Upgrade License" in the account area of and follow the purchasing process.


VLOOKUP - A Handy Tool for Finding Data

VLOOKUP is an Excel worksheet function that a lot of Excel users might not be familiar with, but it's a great tool when working with lots of address or other geographic data. It is simply a way to look up data in a worksheet, and we've used it previously in our blog articles to do things like compare lists of ZIP codes, identify ZIP codes in overlapping regions, and look up associated data when using the CDXClosestZip function.

Let's look at an example where we have a set of data in an Excel worksheet with customers and their addresses:


Vlookup Example 

If we have a second list of random customer names, such as customers who purchased merchandise in the last month, and want to look up their ZIP codes using the data above, we can use the following worksheet equation:


= VLOOKUP( F1, $A$1000:E$1000,5,False)




F1 is the cell address of the first customer who purchased merchandise in the last month


$A$1000:$E$1000 is the worksheet range of the customer address table above


5 is the column number of the data set (counting from the first column of data) where our desired data (ZIP codes) is located


False indicates we want an exact customer name match when searching the table


If the first customer in the list is K. Suarez, the VLOOKUP equation will return the ZIP code "08361". To return ZIP codes for all customers, just copy and paste the equation down the entire list.


For VLOOKUP to work correctly, data types must match. You can use Excel VALUE or TEXT worksheet functions to make sure this is the case. To see an example of this, and also see VLOOKUP in action, watch the tutorial  Find ZIP Codes in a Radius


Latest Data Updates


Canadian and U.S. data feeds were updated as of March 26.  There were 4,449 changes made to the U.S. database this month.  If you would like to update your database to reflect these changes, click on the "License Information and Software Updates" icon on the CDXZipStream toolbar, and select "Data Updates" to login to your account.


We hope you find the information here helpful for you and your organization.  You can contact us with your feedback and suggestions by replying to this email.


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