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Welcome to the CDX Technologies April 2016 Newsletter


This month we review some features of our new mobile-friendly website at, and cover some troubleshooting techniques when working with CDXZipStream and CDXStreamer custom function formulas.


You can also check out our latest blog post:


Our New Website


We have completely redesigned the website to be easier to use and more mobile-friendly as well;  if you have the opportunity to visit we welcome any feedback you may have.  Here are some highlights that might be of interest to our current clients:


New Account Area


Click on "Your Account" on the main toolbar to login and see the redesigned account area.  Some of the options available here will be dependent on your purchase history.  For example, if you have previously purchased the "classic" 32-bit version of CDXZipStream, the keycodes and data files will still be accessible under the CDXZipStream drop-down menu of your account.  If you have purchased the 64-bit version of CDXZipStream your activations will be shown in the "Account Status" section.  32-bit classic customers can upgrade to the 64-bit version by purchasing a maintenance subscription for your version. Just buy this subscription under the "Buy Data Update" menu option in your account and the upgrade will be made immediately available.


The account area also allows you to update the email address associated with your account.  This can be done by signing into your existing account and using the options listed under "Login Settings".  Transfer to another email must be to someone within your current organization.  To update account and billing addresses, select the "Address Book" option under the "Your Account" dropdown menu.


Version Finder Tool  


If you are looking for more functionality, the CDXZipStream version and pricing can now be easily identified by using a checklist of features available here.  You can click on either tab on this page to use the version finder tool, or to compare features for each CDXZipStream version. 


Support Resources  


Support information, documentation, troubleshooting, tutorials and other support tools have been reorganized.  Just select "Support" on the main toolbar or from each product page.  Video tutorials are now organized by topic, and help files for each product are available directly from the website.



When Your Formulas Don't Work


Both CDXZipStream and CDXStreamer can provide data as custom function formulas.  These formulas use our proprietary CDX functions that either link to a local database or to a web service, such as Bing Maps, to retrieve the requested data.  Occasionally these formulas "don't work" and no data is retrieved, and for those cases there are some easy troubleshooting steps you can take:


Change cell formatting to something other than "Text"


Any Excel formula in a cell formatted as text will not calculate, and will display the written formula instead of a calculated value.  From the "Home" tab make the sure destination cells are formatted as either "General" or "Number", for example, and then run CDXZipStream or CDXStreamer to obtain new formulas.


Make sure Excel's automatic calculation is on


Excel won't automatically calculate formulas if this option has been disabled.  Go to the "Formulas" tab and make sure "Automatic" is checked under "Calculation Options", or as an alternative, use the following keyboard shortcuts:


F9 calculates all worksheets in all open workbooks

SHIFT+F9 calculates the active worksheet

CRTL+ALT+F9  calculates all worksheets in all open workbooks, regardless of whether they have changed since the last calculation.


Check for circular references


A circular reference is a formula that is trying to calculate its own cell.  Excel usually provides warnings if you create a circular reference, but a warning may not occur if you copy a formula with a circular reference to other areas of your worksheet.  You can easily use Excel's error checking options in the "Formula" tab to find circular references in a CDX custom function formula.


In other cases where the formula returns an error such as #N/A or #NAME? there may be an installation issue with the software.  Please check the troubleshooting areas on our website for more information for these cases:




Latest Data Updates


Canadian and U.S. data feeds of CDXZipStream were updated as of April 27.  There were 17 changes made to the U.S. database this month.  If you would like to update your database to reflect these changes, select the "Account" option on the CDXZipStream commandbar and click on "Check for Available Database Updates".  You can then update each database as required. 


CDXZipStream updates are a part of the one-year software maintenance subscription included with your purchase.  If you would like to extend your subscription, please sign in to the CDX Technologies website and from the account area for CDXZipStream, select "Buy Data Update".


As always we hope you find the information here helpful for you and your organization.  You can contact us with your feedback and suggestions by replying to this email.


The Team at CDX Technologies 

April 2016



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