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Welcome to the CDX Technologies November 2019 Newsletter


In this issue we cover how to use your online CDX Technologies account. 


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Using Your CDX Technologies Online Account  


 When you purchase CDXZipStream, you will automatically be assigned an account that can be accessed from the "Your Account" menu option on  A username (normally your email address) and password for the account were provided in the email that confirmed your original purchase.  You can always request a password reset if needed. So what can this account do for you?


After logging in with username and password the website will display "Account Settings" which include your email address other information.  Links are provided where you can change your account username or password.  A product dropdown menu for "CDXZipStream" will also appear which has the following options.


For CDXZipStream
1.    Account Status - Review the license purchased.  The computers activated with CDXZipStream will also be displayed.  CDXZipStream is a user based license with two activations per license.
2.    Buy Data Update - Purchase data maintenance agreements or optional add-ons such as Canadian data, Maptitude support or the "Geographic Access Analysis Template"
3.    Buy Additional Licenses - Purchase additional licenses of the same version originally purchased.
4.    Upgrade Licenses - Purchase more advanced versions of CDXZipStream for the difference in price.  For instance you can upgrade from Basic to Premium for $100 to add demographics.
5.    Download Data Files - In addition to automatic download thru Excel, you can separately download the zip code data files and import them using the "Update Manually" function in the Account button of CDXZipStream. 


If you have purchased other products from CDX Technologies such as CDXGeodata additional menu dropdowns will appear specific to those products.




Latest Data Updates


Canadian and U.S. data feeds of CDXZipStream were updated as of November 22.  If you would like to update your database to reflect these changes, select the "Account" option on the CDXZipStream menu in Excel and click on "Check for Available Database Updates".  You can then update each database as required.


CDXZipStream updates are a part of the one-year software maintenance subscription included with your purchase.  If you would like to extend your subscription, please sign in to the CDX Technologies website and from the account area for CDXZipStream, select "Buy Data Update".  The maintenance agreement also includes access to the latest version of CDXZipStream. If you are using our discontinued "Classic" version you can upgrade to the current software by purchasing this subscription at a fraction of the list price.


As always, we hope you find the information here helpful for you and your organization.  You can contact us with your feedback and suggestions by replying to this email.



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