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CDXStreamer™ Overview
  Finally, an affordable and convenient solution for address verification and zip+4 data is available. CDXStreamer™ works directly in Microsoft Excel along side your postal data to correct addresses or provide zip+4 information. There is no need to learn a complex web service, deal with massive databases or export your data to another application. Just enter and copy formulas right in Excel to process thousands of requests at a single time. Using an intuitive, patented interface, you simply specify the data you want and where you want it.

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You will have full access to the USPS zip+4, USPS Tiger/Zip databases as well as our custom address verfication functions for one low montly subscription fee. For information on all our datafeeds and formulas please download the spreadsheet "CDXStreamer Example Data.xls". For further information on CDXStreamer, please see our video Address Correction and Zip+4 Analysis in Microsoft Excel.

Used by business professionals, CDXStreamer™ is a powerful yet easy-to-use add-in technology which operates in Microsoft Excel 2000 and greater. You get to see and use your data within the familiar Microsoft Office environment. No detailed knowledge of Microsoft Office is required. Simply enter the data items you need (such as zip+4 codes) in a row or column of the spreadsheet. Then position the cell pointer on the first item and start data retrieval by clicking on CDXStreamer™ button on the command bar near the top of the screen. Automated helpers for address correction and data are also available simply by right-clicking on a cell.  This makes Excel formula entry a breeze.

You will not have to modify existing spreadsheet layouts, since CDXStreamer™ places data exactly where you need it with the ability to skip over existing formulas and fields. In addition to bringing in data through the interface, custom formulas can be entered in the spreadsheet to import the data directly.  For additional detail on the data items available please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

CDXStreamer™ is immediately available to provide data for US Zip Codes, Tiger/Zip data, Canadian postal codes and other items directly into Microsoft Excel. You can select which data feed to use thru the same CDXStreamer™ interface without installing new software. All are available for one low monthly subscription fee or as a single purchase of a block of requests.

Custom versions of CDXStreamer™ designed just for your particular data retrieval needs are also available:

  • For more information click here for a product slideshow overviewing CDXStreamer™

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