CDXZipStream Help File
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Welcome to CDXZipStream
Getting Started
Install/Update/Upgrade CDXZipStream
Starting and Running the Program
Custom Functions
The CDXZipStream Main Interface
When the CDXZipStream Interface Loads
Data Feeds
First Index Location
Data Fields Selection
The CDXZipStream Settings Interface
When the Settings Interface Loads
Index List
Data Fields Location
Insert Formulas or Values
The CDXZipStream Toolbar
Repeat Last CDXZipStream Query
Fx Formulas
CDXZipStream Right-Click Functions
Repeat Last CDXZipStream Query
Inserting Data and Functions
CDXFindZip Function
CDXDistance Function
CDXRadius Function
Insert Bing Maps
Insert MapPoint Maps
Mappoint Settings
CDXRouteMP Function
CDXLocateMP Function
CDXDistance2WP Functions
CDXClosestZip Function
CDXZipList Function
Bing Maps Settings
Set Bing Maps Key
HERE Api Settings
Set CDXGeoData Key
CDXLocateBing Function
CDXLocateHere Function
CDXLocateMaptitude Function
CDXRouteBing Function
CDXRouteHere Function
CDXRouteMaptitude Function
CDXZip4 Function
Maptitude Settings
Additional Data Feeds
Install on a New or Reformatted PC
Menu or Command Bar Not Visible
Custom Functions Return #Name?
Returns "Ambiguous or Invalid" Error
Data Feeds and Available Fields
Uninstall CDXZipStream
CDXZipStream Support
Software License Agreement
System Requirements

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