Free Demographics Data

Get population, race, gender, hispanic and location data based on zip code. The reports now include the latest data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey (ACS).

Free Zip Code Lookup

This tool will allow you to find city, state, county and more for any United States zip code.

Free Address Correction and Zip+4 Lookup

This tool will provide corrected and standardized USPS address and matching Zip+4 data for your address entry. Additional information will be included such as the county name, county FIPs, state FIPS, congressional district, timezone and more.

Free Zip Code Radius Report

Generate a report of all US zip codes within a given radius based upon your zip code entry.

Free Zip Code Distance Report

This tool will allow you to calculate straight line (as the crow flies) or driving distance for any pair of US or Canada zip/postal codes.