How to Obtain County Data for a Zip Code Using CDXZipStream Add-in

In today's data-driven world, having accurate and detailed geographical information can significantly enhance your analysis, especially when working with location-based data in Microsoft Excel. One common requirement is to find the county name for a given zip code, which can be a tedious task if you're dealing with a large dataset. Fortunately, the CDXZipStream Add-in for Microsoft Excel simplifies this process. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to quickly and efficiently get county data for any zip code using the CDXZipStream Add-in.

Introduction to CDXZipStream

CDXZipStream is an Excel add-in that provides a range of data analysis tools, including the ability to look up zip codes, area codes, city names, and much more. It's particularly useful for businesses and researchers who work with location data and need an easy way to analyze geographic information within Excel.

Getting Started with CDXZipStream

Before we dive into the steps, make sure you have the CDXZipStream Add-in installed in your Microsoft Excel. If you haven't installed it yet, visit the CDX Technologies website and download the add-in. They offer various versions, so pick the one that best suits your needs.

Step 1: Installing CDXZipStream

After downloading the installer, run it and follow the on-screen instructions to add CDXZipStream to Excel. Once installed, you'll see the CDXZipStream toolbar in Excel, indicating the add-in is ready for use.

Step 2: Inputting Your Data

To find the county for a zip code, start by entering the zip codes you need in one column of your Excel worksheet. For example, let's say you place them in column A, starting from cell A2.

Step 3: Using CDXZipStream to Find County Data

  1. Select the Cell: Click on the cell where you want the county data to appear. This could be directly next to the corresponding zip code, for instance, in cell B2.
  2. Open CDXZipCode Function: Click on the CDXZipStream toolbar, then choose the "Formulas" option. This opens a dialog box with a range of functions.
  3. Select the Function: From the function list, select "Insert CDXZipCode Data" (or a similar function, depending on your version of CDXZipStream) to look up geographic details related to a zip code..
  4. Configure Your Request: In the function parameters, you'll need to specify the cell containing the zip code (e.g., A2) and indicate that you're seeking the county name. This usually involves selecting the appropriate option from a dropdown or entering a specific command or code that represents the county data. For county, specify the “CountyName” data item.
  5. Execute the Function: After setting your parameters, click OK to run the function. The county name for the specified zip code should now appear in the selected cell

Step 4: Automating the Process for Multiple Zip Codes

If you have a list of zip codes, you can drag the corner of the cell (where you've just entered the formula) down the column to apply the same function to other cells. Excel's auto-fill feature will automatically adjust the cell references, allowing you to get county names for all listed zip codes quickly.

Please click on the video below to see a short demonstration of how it works:

Get City, County, and State from Zip Codes


CDXZipStream turns what could be a cumbersome task—finding county names for a list of zip codes—into a quick and painless process. This tool is especially beneficial for users who need to manage and analyze large datasets within Excel. By following the steps outlined above, you can efficiently incorporate accurate geographical data into your analysis, enhancing both the depth and quality of your work.

Remember, the exact steps and functions may vary slightly depending on the version of CDXZipStream you're using, so always refer to the specific documentation or help resources provided by CDX Technologies for the most accurate and up-to-date information

Further Resources

For more detailed guides, troubleshooting, and advanced features, visit the CDX Technologies website or contact their support team. They offer extensive documentation and tutorials to help you make the most out of the CDXZipStream Add-in.