Error 1303 During 32 Bit CDXZipStream Classic Installation

This error will occur when installing CDXZipStream on limited user accounts. It means that the installer cannot access the directories and or files needed to setup the program. To address this perform the following steps.

1. On a user profile on your machine that has administrative priviledges run the the CDXZipStream setup program.

2. Under the same administrative profile, open a command window by using Start-Run and entering cmd and pressing OK.

3. Enter the following: cacls "C:\program files\cdxzipstream" /T /E /C /G users:F

The cacls function is used to give full rights to that folder for all users.

4. Log off the administrative profile and switch to the limit user profile. Then rerun the CDXZipStream setup program again.

5. You should no longer get the 1303 error. You will see a 1911 error as the DLL's try to register. Press "Ignore" in each case until the install completes.