Filtering Addresses with Radius Distance Returns #NA for all entries

Our YouTube video which explains how to file address lists by zip code can be found at:

Find Zip Codes in a Radius Using Excel

Typically, this problem is caused by the ZIP Code fields not being set to text or extra non-printing characters appearing in the ZIP Code column when you imported the data.

As a first step make sure your column with ZIP Code data is set to text. This will prevent leading zeroes from being removed from ZIP Codes and make sure that the text ZIP returned by the CDXRadius function matches the ZIP Code column format.

If you have ZIP+4 data in your ZIP Codes you can compensate for this as follows:

If your address list ZIP Code was in cell F2 then where the video refers to the distance formula


change this to:


and copy this to all the other cells in this column. This will make sure that only five characters are returned and that the format will be set to text without non-printing characters.

We've set up some example templates on our website which you can find at:

Radius Filter Template (with Macros)


Radius Filter Template (without Macros)