Activating the 32 bit version of CDXZipStream "Classic"

This article discusses how to activate the "Classic Version" of CDXZipStream that is no longer supported. To reinstall our latest product please click here. The upgrade to the latest vesion of CDXZipStream from Classic is available for no charge for users that have an active data maintenance contract.

To reinstall CDXZipStream Classic, please download and install the demo version of CDXZipStream from here:

You will also need to activate the program. When installation is complete and Microsoft Excel opens, press the third button on the CDXZipStream toolbar named "Licenses and Software Updates". (If you are using Excel 2007 or later the CDXZipStream toolbar is located under the "Add-Ins" menu.) Then press the "Buy Now" button followed by pressing "Generate KeyCode" and log into our web site using your username and password. You can obtain a forgotten username or password by using the links provided in the login area.

Once logged in press the CDXZipStream menu item and then select (32 bit) Classic Keycodes. Click on "Options" and then "Add Keycode". Go back to the Excel dialog where you pressed "Generate Keycode" and press the blue copy text next to the Machine ID field. Paste this information in the Keycode Dialog and then press "Add Keycode"

Copy your new keycode from the grid that appears and then press the "-" in the upper right corner and minimize your browser. Then paste the copied code into the "Keycode" section of the "CDXZipStream Purchase and Registration" box and press "OK". (This is the box where you pressed the "Generate Keycode" button.) CDXZipStream will now be fully activated on your computer.

You must also install the data upgrade included with your purchase to have access to our latest zip code data. Log-on to and press the "Download Data Files" button in the "My Account" section of our site. Please download and install this file.

The CDXZipStream web site has instructional videos, newsletters and example spreadsheets for you to access at:

Please contact with additional questions about installation.